20. Turkish Lira

This is the official currency of Turkey, a prominent country in Europe. It has become so prosperous because of mineral exportation and growth in the production of minerals.

1 Turkish Lira = 0.18 USD

Currency code = TRY

Swiss Franc

19. Israel New Shekel

This official currency unit of Israel has a high value and demand in the world. Israel is rich in oil and raw materials. Hence, the currency here is so strong.

1 Israel New Shekel = 0.27 USD

Currency code = ILS

Swiss Franc

18. Brazillian Real Currency

It is one of the most highly demanded currencies in the continent of South America. Brazil is rich in Iron ore and natural resources. This is what makes the country prosperous and increases the value of its currency.

1 Brazillian Real = 0.27 USD

Currency code = BRL

Swiss Franc

17. Fijian Dollar

Fijian Dollar is the official currency of Fiji. It has been in circulation in the country since 1969 after it replaced the pound.

1 Fijian Dollar = 0.47 USD

Currency code = FJD

Swiss Franc

16. New Zealand Dollar

New Zealand’s rich mineral base has made the country one of the most prosperous ones in the world. This is evident by the value of its currency.

1 New Zealand Dollar = 0.68 USD

Currency code = NZD

Swiss Franc